Best Base Layer for Hunting in 2019

Most people struggle choosing the best base layer for hunting especially for the winter season. You are not alone if you hadn’t had to contemplate the best thermal under-layers. Possibly the only undergarments you are used to is a light T or a vest.

Even the most seasoned hunters in the game struggle with selecting the best base layer for cold weather hunting. Not anymore because we have done the research to help you decide on which are most functional. You will also find information regarding the main features, answers to common questions, and reviews of the top products.

We have investigated all the problems you may encountered when choosing a product.

What is the Best Base Layer for Hunting?

Layering is important, which is why we have outlined key features and have recommended various layers that are a must-have according to the current atmospheric conditions and level of your activity.

Types of the base layer

There are various kinds of base layers for cold weatherpant, shirt, leggings and bodysuit, designed for male, female or unisex, – each designed to suit various kinds of activities. Some are designed to be worn on their own, while others may be worn alone after removing the over garment in case of temperature change.

Generally, layering is designed in a way that they are easy to slip on and off due to smooth interior fibers and textured exterior fibers which are perfect since they help retain the much required heat.

Both pants and tops can range in style from long to short sleeves, hooded, mock and with or without zipper options.  There are also regular day-to-day clothing and those specifically designed as a hunting base layer, which often comes with other features attached that enhance your performances such as sitting under a tree for a snack break or chasing after Elk. There is a reason why some are specifically designed for poaching activities; therefore this is what you should pay more attention to.


These include Polyester, Nylon, Cotton and combined materials. The best scent control layers are made from Silk and Merino wool, which are naturally scent-less. It is perfect for lengthy coursing adventures and you can wear them for several days without washing.

The warmest base layer for hunting is made from Merino wool. Wool hunting base layer is perfect for cold weather, although there are others designed for poaching in warm climates as well.

We recommend a good layering system that will safeguarding your skin, managing moisture, maintaining normal body temperature, scent control, leaving you warm and comfortable.

Material types and their uses

  • Polyester: Bottom & mid layers, pants
  • Merino wool: Bottom & mid layers, socks
  • Nylon: Backpacks, outer & bottom layers, pants
  • Cotton: Bottom & mid layers, socks,  pants
  • Silk: Bottom layer


Breathability depends mostly on the material and less of the base garment’s design. Undergarments need to be remarkably versatile. Merino wool and cotton fabrics make the best breathable base layer that is great in both low and high temperatures. Selecting one made from these fabrics helps you maintain a normal body temperature of 37 degrees Celsius.


Base layers for hunting ideally undergo the most wash and wear cycles among all your coursing attires. Therefore, when you are out shopping for your hunting undergarments, buy smart. Cheap is often expensive in the long run. Some durable fabrics you should consider include nylon, silk and Merino wool.



Best outdoor undergarments tend to be quite pricey. Luckily, there are several cheap thermals that will not bleed you dry.

If you are on a tight budget, there are some best cheap base layers which are not specifically designed for coursing, but are effective in the cold and cheaper than their counterparts.

Base layers are the most important pieces of clothing you can wear when you’re out on a hunt. You can take off the over-garments at some point but your undergarment will remain intact all day long. It is therefore important to get the best base layer for hunting possible.

Top 6 Best Hunting Base Layer Reviews

We are all looking for that competitive edge when hunting season rolls around. A veteran hunter’s main priority is staying comfortable out in the field. We all know the most important part of getting dressed for the hunt is putting on the right base layer.

Let’s go over our best options on the market and we’ll tell you what we have found in our research.


Type Material Breathability Durability
HECS Suit Deer Hunting Clothing 3-Piece Set With Shirt, Pants, And Head Covering 86% Polyester / 14% Carbon Yarn Grid High Average
Men Thermal Performance Underwear Set by Outland Two-Piece Set With Long Sleeve Shirt And Pants 96% Polyester / 4% Spandex Average High
LAPASA Men’s Heavyweight Thermal Underwear Long John Set Fleece Lined Base Layer Two-Piece Long Sleeve Shirt And Pants 95% Polyester / 5% Spandex Low High
HECS Suit Turkey Base Layer Hunting Clothing Three-Piece with Shirt, Pants, And Head Covering 86% Polyester / 14% Carbon Yarn Grid Low Average
Men’s Thermal Underwear Set, Sport Long Johns Base Layer for Male Two-Piece Long Sleeve Shirt And Pants 92% Polyester / 8% Spandex Low High
Thermal Underwear Set Winter Hunting Gear Sport Long Johns Base Layer Two-Piece Long Sleeve Shirt And Pants 100% Polyester Average Average

HECS Suit Deer Hunting Clothing with Human Energy Concealment Technology – Best Scent Control Base Layers

This 3-piece base layer is made by HECS. The goal is to block electrical energy waves produced by the human body to further conceal your presence from wildlife.

We feel this might be the best base layer for hunting in the eyes of technology-driven enthusiasts. The built-in carbon mesh conceals your body’s electrical field. It’s also very breathable and that makes HECS suits perfect for early fall hunting.

Key Features And Benefits

  • Type: 3-Piece Set With Shirt, Pants, And Head Covering
  • Material: 86% Polyester / 14% Carbon Yarn Grid
  • Breathability: High
  • Durability: Average

A three-piece matching set can be ordered with MossyOak or Realtree Patterns. Polyester fabric breaths well to keep your temperature regulated. You’ll see one of the best features is the product is completely machine washable thanks to its level of durability.


  • Blocks EMF From Your Body
  • Excellent Ventilation
  • Tough Materials
  • Three-Piece Set
  • Realtree / MossyOak Patterns


  • Might Not Be Suitable For Cold Conditions
  • Focuses On Electrical Dampening Rather Than Scent Masking
  • Loose-Fitting


Someone who wants the newest advantage over other hunters will like all the cool features. If you want the newest base layer technology, you should get this.

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Men Thermal Performance Underwear Set by Outland – Best Thermals for Hunting

These long johns are a nice two piece set with a tight-fitting shirt and a pair of pants manufactured by Outland.

Anyone can see there’s nothing fancy about these thermals. They will keep you warm just like the sets you’re grandpa used to wear. You’ll get some practical base layer hunting clothes that can be used in any situation.

Key Features And Benefits

  • Type: Two-Piece Set With Long Sleeve Shirt And Pants
  • Material: 96% Polyester / 8% Spandex
  • Breathability: Average
  • Durability: High

We like this product because it’s basic without all the bells and whistles. You’ll notice that it has a mix of spandex in the materials that make it body conforming. This two-piece base layer will keep you warm, minimize sweating, and protect you from the elements the way you would expect.


  • Two-Piece Long Johns
  • Stretchy Spandex Fits Well
  • Very Durable And Long Lasting
  • Camo, White, And Black Color Schemes Available
  • Protects From Cold


  • Skin Tight Might Not Be Comfortable For Some
  • Limited Size Options In Certain Colors
  • Not Suitable For Warm Weather


If you want to hunt like your dad, we think you’ll like these authentic-style long johns. They’ll keep you warm on those cold early mornings in the woods.

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LAPASA Men’s Heavyweight Thermal Underwear Long John Set Fleece Lined Base Layer – Best Thermal Underwear for Hunting

This heavy-duty two-piece set of hunting thermal underwear is by LAPASA. It is a modern approach to traditional long johns.

If you live above the Mason-Dixon line in an area that reaches very low temperatures,  we believe this is a good option to go with. The fabric is much thicker than standard base layers. This is for anyone who wants to stop drafts from penetrating their clothing.

Key Features And Benefits

  • Type: Two-Piece Long Sleeve Shirt And Pants
  • Material: 95% Polyester / 5% Spandex
  • Breathability: Low
  • Durability: High

The fit is very snug thanks to the spandex mixed into its construction. All the materials really block out any ventilation, so it doesn’t breath much. We feel you’ll really enjoy wearing this in the middle of winter.


  • Two-Piece Thick Long Johns
  • Very Tough Material
  • Somewhat Wind Blocking
  • Ideal For Extremely Cold Temperatures
  • Very Comfortable Body-Forming Fit


  • Easy To Overheat And Cause Sweating
  • Not Suitable For Warm Days
  • Heavier Than Normal Thermals


We know this set will be a life-saver for someone who hunts in extremely cold areas. If you are sensitive to cold, this might be the solution for you.

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HECS Suit Turkey Base Layer Hunting Clothing – Best Base Layer for Cold Weather Hunting

A great three-piece set makes up this high-quality base layer by HECS. We definitely consider this to be your warmest base layer for cold weather that HECS has brought to consumer-markets so far.

Anyone who finds they need a little extra warmth than the other StealthScreen suits should give this one a try. A heavier fabric was used in manufacturing that retains more body heat. That’s nice for those veteran hunters who don’t want to bundle up with multiple base layers.

Key Features And Benefits

  • Type: Three-Piece with Shirt, Pants, And Head Covering
  • Material: 96% Polyester / 14% Carbon Yarn Grid
  • Breathability: Low
  • Durability: Average

This is essentially a colder weather version of the Deer Hunting HECS suit. It blocks EMF fields just as that model does, but it’s significantly more insulated. That’s great for cold weather and it does a good job in windy conditions too.


  • Blocks EMF From Your Body
  • Three-Piece With Head Covering
  • Somewhat Wind Blocking
  • Perfect For Cold Weather
  • Zipper On Shirt For Easy Cool-Off


  • Not Suitable For Warm/Cool Weather
  • Only Available In Green
  • Heavier Than Standard Thermal Wear


This is another good choice for those who are sensitive to the cold. We think you’ll find this thermal set keeps you toasty in rough conditions.

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Men’s Thermal Underwear Set, Sports Long Johns Base Layer for Male – Best Hunting Base Layer

This top and bottom set by MEETYOO is originally designed for extreme winter sports like skiing.

Don’t worry if you aren’t looking to take these thermals on a ski trip. A completely wind-proof design will work wonders for hunters who camp out in high elevation areas. This unusual feature brings this gear to the winner’s circle when it comes to base layer clothing for cold weather in high windchill factors.

Key Features And Benefits

  • Type: Two-Piece Long Sleeve Shirt And Pants
  • Material: 92% Polyester / 8% Spandex
  • Breathability: Very Low
  • Durability: High

Spandex is always nice for underwear because it keeps everything air-tight. Anything From MEETYOO is going to be virtually wind-proof. You’ll probably have your pair for several years before noticing any major wear on it.


  • Wind-Proof
  • Two-Piece Long Sleeve And Pants
  • Perfect For Windy Conditions
  • Originally Designed For Extreme Winter Sports
  • Amazing Fit


  • Not Suitable For Warm Conditions
  • May Cause Sweating Due To Lack OF Ventilation
  • Only Available In One Style


If You are looking to go above average on wind protection, by all means, we think you’ll like this thermal layering. You’ll be able to enjoy the mountains without feeling like you are freezing to death when a guest comes blowing through.

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Thermal Underwear Set Winter Hunting Gear Sport Long Johns Base Layer – Best Base Layer for Extreme Cold

Convallaria has created this nice hunting base layer. It’s a two piece with some cool features like fast drying and low-abrasion fabric.

We’ve probably all experienced excess sweating at some point. That’s why we think it’s a good idea this suit was designed to dry fast and it is intended to reduce the amount of friction on your skin. It’s a good choice for mid-Autumn hunting.

Key Features And Benefits

  • Type: Two-Piece Long Sleeve Shirt And Pants
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Breathability: Average
  • Durability: Average

The polyester fabric is much more than the specifications would lead you to believe. This suit is designed with close attention to detail on body parts that are prone to chaffing. The stitching is strong, and the fabric is breathable.


  • Balanced Design
  • Great For Cool Weather
  • Two-Piece Long Sleeve Shirt With Pants
  • Anti-Friction Fabric
  • Quick Drying


  • Not Suitable For Very Cold Weather
  • Somewhat Loose-Fitting
  • Only Available In Asian Standardized Sizes


We know chaffing can be an issue for some people, and we think this is a good way to reduce that problem. This is an overall average product, but the right person will love the benefits.

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Most Common Questions About The Best Hunting Base Layers

Perhaps you are curious about keeping yourself warm this hunting season, but what’s an amazing way of going about it? We’ll go over the basics so you know exactly what to look for when deciding on your base layer for this season.

It’s important you follow good judgment to keep yourself safe and comfortable in those colder months. It’s hard to find reliable answers, so we’ve addressed a few common questions for you.

What Material Is Best For Base Layer?

It really breaks down to personal preference and conditions. Polyester seems to be your warmest base layer for hunting because of its ability to keep you dry better than other materials.

Wool is a good second choice, but it has some major downsides. A wool base layer tends to absorb sweat and keeps you moist. Cotton falls short because it doesn’t retain heat well.

Should a base layer be tight or loose?

Having a tight base layer for hunting is very important according to research by the New Hampshire Department Of Health. Your polyester base layer is crucial in wicking away moisture that builds up on your body.

Being wet under your clothing in cold temperatures can put your life in danger in the wrong scenario. Your outer-layer is for creating airspace to keep you warm.

Is 100% polyester breathable?

Polyester is one of the most breathable base layer materials you can choose from. You’ll find that most brands intentionally use polyester for that very reason.

Some brands alter the weaving pattern, but that’s usually clearly stated on the product description. Polyester base layers can be completely breathable, or they can be completely wind-proof. Just pay attention to the product descriptions.

Best Base Layer For Hunting – Our Choice

We’ve gone over several different base layering options anyone could find attractive. Out of all these industry-leading options, there has to be a winner.

Our choice for the best base layer for hunting has to go to HECS Suit Deer Hunting Clothing.

There are many reasons to choose this base layer. You’ve got two options of high-quality camouflage patterns and it comes with a head covering to match your undergarments. A smooth balancing of sweat control with heat insulation makes it comfortable to wear throughout most of your hunting season.

Let’s not forget to mention you’ve got their cutting-edge EMF blocking yarn sewn into the fabric. Anyone will become a fan of the extremely nice qualities this option has to offer.

Give this product a try, or check out our other recommendations below.

Other Great Recommendations

  • Men Thermal Performance Underwear Set by Outland – best thermals for hunting
  • LAPASA Men’s Heavyweight Thermal Underwear Long John Set Fleece Lined Base Layer – best thermal underwear for hunting
  • HECS Suit Turkey Base Layer Hunting Clothing – best base layer for cold weather hunting
  • Men’s Thermal Underwear Set, Sport Long Johns Base Layer for Male – best hunting base layer
  • Thermal Underwear Set Winter Hunting Gear Sport Long Johns Base Layer – best base layer for extreme cold