Best Hunting Rain Gear in 2019 Review

Imagine how difficult it can be to find the best hunting rain gear, considering numerous brands offering various models today. There is a specially designed garment for each weather condition and terrain for hunters or trackers. We agree each product promises better performance, yet reviews are still confusing.

A hunter must be equipped with the best hunting rain gear that does not hinder his movement. It should be light to carry, easy to pack and fold, waterproof, versatile, and highly durable. Poor quality garments could quickly ruin your adventure. We understand your sport is important and you need help finding the best hunting rain gear.

In our expert review below, we will introduce the top products from our research. Our experts have built a thorough buyer’s guide to help choose the best rain suit for hunting.

Here is what you will gain as you read below:

  • Learn about the main features of a good hunting outfit
  • Compare the top products in our comparison table
  • Review the important pros and cons of each product
  • Find our expert’s best choice in the conclusion

Top 5 Pieces of Hunting Rain Gear in 2019

Here, we will discuss five examples of the best hunting rain gear of 2019. As we go through each rain suit, jacket, or coat, we will focus primarily on a set number of features that are paramount to every outdoorsman in search of good gear: the materials of which it is made, its degree of insulation from the elements, its weight, and its overall durability. As needed, we will also mention a few of each item’s interesting, noteworthy or useful features. With this information, we hope to arm you with what you’ll need to get yourself the best weather-resistant hunting gear money can buy.

Product Features Rating Check on site
Frogg Toggs All Sport Rain Suit Material: Non-woven fabric Insulation: DriPole 2 Gen technology in the middle layer Weight:1.8 lbs Check on Amazon
JTENG Rain Poncho Camouflage Rain Coat Material: Polyester and Nylon Insulation: Nylon insulation

Weight: 0.77 lbs

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LOOGU Camouflage Rain Coat Material: Nylon Insulation: Nylon insulation

Weight: 1.87 lbs.

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T-wilker 3 in 1 Rain Poncho Camouflage Ripstop Rain Jacket Material: Polyester Insulation:Polyester and PVC coating Weight: 1.5 lbs Check on Amazon
Rocky Men's Hunter Rain Jacket Material: Polyester Insulation: Taped and seam sealed in order to be totally waterproof

Weight: 1 lbs

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1. Frogg Toggs All Sport Rain Suit – Best Rain Gear for Hunting

Frogg Toggs’ Rain Suit, consists of a pair of pants and a jacket and is perfect for committed outdoorsmen who don’t want a spell of bad weather to put a damper on their activities. This camo rain suit is made of non-woven fabric that makes it both wind and rain resistant. In addition, the suit does not trap in body heat and assures easy breathability. Its salient features include:

  • Material: Made of Frogg Toggs’ classic and exclusive non-woven fabric brand, this suit offers a perfect balance between breathability and reliable insulation to keep your body dry through the rain.
  • Insulation: The three layers of non-woven fabric guarantee excellent insulation. In particular, the DriPole 2 Gen technology in the middle layer is where most of the magic happens to keep water out. The jacket’s zipper is covered by a snap-down storm flap, to further improve insulation.
  • Weight: At an extremely lightweight 1.8 lbs., you’ll hardly feel this suit on you at all. You’ll be able to move around easily, freely, and unencumbered.
  • Durability: This suit is designed for use during virtually any outdoor escapade – hiking, camping, fishing, mountain biking, or off-roading. To boast effectiveness under such an incredibly diverse set of conditions, this suit requires extraordinary durability, and it certainly does.

Furthermore, the jacket comes with an adjustable and removable hood to give you even more options.


  • Very lightweight
  • Provides excellent insulation
  • Fits comfortably


  • no pockets

Verdict: As simple rain gear meant to keep you dry, this suit is excellent. However, having no pockets can get rather annoying, so if you need to carry something around, bring a backpack or get  different gear entirely.

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2. JTENG Rain Poncho Camouflage Rain Coat – Best Tactical Rain Gear

This hunting rain poncho from JTENG is quite big and its size – an impressive 80” x 57” gives it remarkable versatility. Not only can the waterproof polyester material be used to cover and keep you dry in the rain, it can also serve as a picnic blanket, a tent for when you’re out camping, or similar functions. This diversity makes it attractive to any outdoorsman. Its key features include:

  • Material: The lightweight and comfortable polyester material not only keeps water out, but also allows you to be quiet when you’re out hunting and stalking prey.
  • Insulation: The polyester does a surprisingly good job of keeping you insulated from rain, especially when you factor in the low price.
  • Weight: Weighing in at only a measly 350 g (or 0.77 lbs.), this featherweight poncho will not slow you down when you’re on the move.
  • Durability: The polyester and nylon rip-stop material is incredibly durable and will withstand prolonged use in all weather conditions.

The zipper at the base of the hood makes it easy to slip on the poncho. The arm holes allow you to keep the poncho on your body in the face of extreme winds and the hood can comfortably and easily slip on and off.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Cheap
  • Can be used as a tarp or blanket as well as a poncho
  • Very durable and provides great insulation for the price


  • Higher-quality materials can be found at higher prices

Verdict: For the price, it may be impossible to find a better, more versatile, and more useful poncho than this one. Although it’s possible to find better quality rain ponchos at higher prices, for those on a budget, this is second to none. We highly recommend this best hunting rain gear for men.

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3. LOOGU Camouflage Raincoat – Best Waterproof Hunting Gear

This lightweight raincoat is designed to keep you completely dry, even as it’s pouring out. LOOGU is known for producing some of the best camo rain gear around, and this raincoat not only manages to aspire to that high quality standard, but does so at astonishingly little cost to you. Perfect for anyone who needs to be out in the rain for long periods for any reason, this raincoat’s major features are:

  • Material: This coat is made of soft and comfortable nylon to ensure an easy and appropriate fit.
  • Insulation: Since the nylon is 100% waterproof, this raincoat guarantees maximum insulation. No matter how hard the rain pours on you, you will stay dry.
  • Weight: At only 850 g. (1.87 lbs.) it is so lightweight you’ll barely feel you’re wearing it.
  • Durability: The coat is highly durable and its multi-functionality as a sleeping bag, shelter, or ground sheet only adds to durability. However, the rings and buttons tend to rust somewhat quickly.


  • Cheap
  • 100% waterproof
  • Muti-functional as a sheet, sleeping bag, or shelter in addition to a raincoat


  • The buttons and rings allow you to use this as a tarp can rust quickly
  • The hole for your head may not fit everyone and might require some stretching

Verdict: This is an extremely well-insulated and cheap raincoat. If you’re on a budget, feel free to grab it. If you’ve got some more money to spend on waterproof hunting gear, you might want to consider a better crafted and longer-lasting product.

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4. T-wilker 3 in 1 Rain Poncho Waterproof Camouflage Ripstop Rain Jacket – Best Budget Hunting Rain Gear

This is an affordable, well-crafted, rip-proof, and multi-purpose rain jacket by T-wilker. It can be relied upon in multiple situations, from hiking, fishing, to picnics, or mountaineering. In addition, it’s just excellent as a piece of camouflage rain gear. It’s suitable for outdoorsmen, mountaineers, hikers, or campers of all sorts who want to make sure they are prepared for bad weather. Some of its notable features are:

  • Material: Made of polyester and PVC coating, it’s comfortable and absolutely soft to the touch.
  • Insulation: The material is 100% waterproof and ensures you’ll stay dry, even under torrential downpour.
  • Weight: Virtually light as a feather, it only weighs 1.5 lbs. and is highly portable.
  • Durability: It’s highly durable and rip-resistant, ensuring you’ll safely be able to use it for a long time coming.


  • Roomy and can be expanded from 59” x 55” to 78” x 55”, to provide more cover or to use as a tarp
  • Cheap
  • Durable
  • A zipper prevents the head opening from being too small for some


  • There have been some complaints that water can leak through the poncho and that it’s not fully waterproof, although these complaints are rare

Verdict: Here is another excellent, cheap, durable poncho/raincoat that will insulate you from the rain. This model in particular is especially roomy, so much that you can even drape backpacks underneath it and rest assured you will remain covered. We recommend it, wholeheartedly.

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5. Rocky Men’s Hunter Rain Jacket – Best Hunting Rain Jacket

Those in search of the absolute best quiet camo rain gear for hunting out in the woods or jungle will be hard pressed to do better than Rocky’s Silent Hunter Jacket. As the name implies, it’s a jacket for serious hunters who want to make certain they are silent as they stalk their prey. Additionally, the jacket boasts of the following features:

  • Material: The jacket is made of 100% polyester.
  • Insulation: It is carefully taped and seam sealed to guarantee complete and flawless insulation, keeping you safe from the rain while out on the hunt.
  • Weight: Weighing only 1 lb., this is a lightweight jacket with exceptional maneuverability, giving you stealth and speed while outdoors.
  • Durability: Constructed of high-quality durable materials, this jacket promises to withstand long and sustained use.


  • Extra carefully insulated
  • Lightweight
  • Well-crafted, durable, and suited for extended use


  • Expensive
  • Only provides cover down to the waist

Verdict: Though it is on the expensive side, this jacket is made of the best materials and can be trusted to last. Since it is only a jacket that only provides cover down to the waist, it would be a good idea to purchase pair of camouflage rain pants along with this jacket if you want total cover. Nevertheless, we highly recommend it.

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How to Choose the Best Hunting Rain Gear?

Standard hunting rain gear consists of a shirt or jacket, and pants. In summer, we recommend to use light combinations with puncture-resistant shirts. Weatherproof hunting gear is a must during transitional seasons, and in winter you need gear that protects you optimally against cold temperatures.

There are countless companies offering field sport clothing. Manufacturers and retailers are almost overrun with products, innovations, and offers – so it can be hard to keep a track. So, which is the best rain gear for hunting? Our experts have done the research for top rated hunting rain gear for you.

What are the main features for choosing the best rain gear for hunting?


For tracking in the rain, you need a suit built to withstand water, and there can be no compromise on the quality of the material. For the best waterproof hunting gear look for products made with polyester. It is strong, rigid, abrasion-resistant, and waterproof. Use it on the outermost side as polyester is non-breathable.

Most brands use polyester as a base material and may add some special membranes to make the suit quieter and more durable. For example, there are quiet hunting rain gear made with non-woven polypropylene that absorbs the sound of water drops. Gore-Tex coating also provides waterproofing. However, these jackets are rarely quiet and therefore not recommended.

How about using a coat made with light fleece? It is soft and warm, just the right solution you may need when it starts pouring. Certain brands have introduced patented scent-blocking technology. It promises consumers with a scent blocker rain gear that absorbs odor molecules. A hunter in the wild may benefit from this fabric technology, but it adds to the cost of the product.


What you need is clothing that can withstand a variety of situations, including a sudden decrease in temperature. Use an insulated rain suit protects heat from escaping and cold from penetrating the suit from the outside. A thinsulate lining is suitable for such protection in the wild. It is very lightweight, stretchy, breathable, and water resistant which makes it the best breathable rain gear.

Depending on the climate you are in, you may need insulation. In tropical or humid areas, the best tactical rain gear is without insulation as it will overheat your body. For this purpose, there are suits with zippers to release heat when you do not need insulation.

Lightweight and packable

Although a heavier garment for hunters is warmer, it may not be the best choice as it hinders movement and speed. Extra pockets add additional weight to your backpack, and you may not need all of them. Lightweight hunting gear will be best for you during long stalking sessions.

Consider this – A clear sunny day can quickly be followed by heavy showers, which is why you have to carry your raincoat in your backpack. What you want is packable hunting rain gear. It should be easily foldable so it does not occupy more space than required.  

Camouflage colors

What do you do when the prey spots you through the bush before you even make a move?There is nothing much to be done but you can surely prepare yourself with camouflage rain gear for the next adventure. Consider the surroundings and the terrain before choosing a camouflage rain jacket.

Choose the best camo rain gear with shades of green for rainforests or lush forests, mossy oak for woodlands and grey or dark brown for a dry bushy terrain.


Polyester coats are both durable and lightweight. They provide the most waterproofing with the promise of longevity. Many other nylon products last longer in comparison to other cheap material. Your gear will brush against timber, bushes, and other obstacles while walking, running, climbing, sliding, and falling throughout your run. Make sure you are equipped with only the best durable rain suit at all times.


 Allow yourself enough time to compare the products and  make the most appropriate choice for a lightweight waterproof camo jacket for yourself. These products belong to different price ranges, so the price can be an important factor as well as the climate, field terrain, and the type of adventure sport.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Rain Gear For Hunting

Now that we’ve gone through some of the best examples of hunting gear in 2019, we thought it’d be best to expand this guide bandy mention some of the most frequent questions people have about rain jackets for hunting, to assist you in being a more informed and savvy shopper.

1. What is the most waterproof material?

In 2013, researchers at MIT invented what they called the “most waterproof material ever,” inspired by lotus leaves and butterfly wings. This material can potentially be used to make raincoats or waterproof hunting gear some day. For now, raincoats are made of either nylon or polyester, which are both highly water-resistant materials.

2. What is ScentLok?

ScentLok is a company that produces scent blocker rain gear and hunting gear that can hold in and block out odors of all kinds. This is incredibly useful for those who hunt animals with highly developed senses of smell that can smell a hunter approaching. You can learn more about ScentLok here.

3. Are waterproof jackets windproof?

In a word, yes. Any waterproof jacket is also windproof. A lightweight waterproof jacket whose fibers are close enough and densely packed to block water from passing through will also be able to prevent wind from blowing through.

The Best Hunting Rain Gear – Wrap Up

For those who settle for nothing less than the best hunting rain gear, gear that contains the total package of full-body protection, durability, insulation, comfort, and a light feel – one really can’t do any better than the Frogg Toggs Sport Rain Suit. Despite being pricey, it truly does offer the outdoorsman everything he could want in terms of rain gear.

However, those merely looking for a jacket to hunt through the rain, should check out the Rocky Men’s Hunter Rain Jacket. Those on a budget and who simply want a good versatile poncho that will keep them dry should take a look at the JTENG Rain Poncho Camouflage Rain Coat, the LOOGU Camouflage Raincoat and the T-wilker 3 in 1 Rain Poncho Waterproof Camouflage Ripstop Rain Jacket. You truly can’t go wrong with any of them.