Best Elk Hunting Pack in 2019 Review

“I don’t hunt because it’s difficult to carry all the gear and hike at the same time.” Ring a bell for you? Carrying game home through long distances is indeed a herculean task.

No worries, we are here to help. All you need is the best elk hunting pack that meets your needs. We will show you exactly what to look out for when selecting a hunting backpack. Just keep reading and be assured it’s going to be a few minutes well spent, getting everything you need to know in choosing a good backpack.

How to choose the best Hunting Elk Hunting Pack?

The best pack for elk Hunting needs to carry certain gear and be durable to hold up to rugged conditions and pack a lot of meat after a kill.

Some can hold enough gear for multi-day trips. One of the best features of a bag is to be light and easy to carry with or without a load.

Main Aspect of choosing a good backpack

In choosing the best elk pack, there are key elements to consider such as:

  • Material

The best elk hunting packs are made of high-quality materials which are durable and waterproof hunting backpacks. The material determines durability and how much meat you can stack. The Badlands 2200 Camouflage Pack has KXO-32 as well as DWR treated fabric used in the backpack. It also fulfills its purpose as a scent suppression system that resists moisture and blood too. The KXO-32 fabric is quiet and helps you to stay stealthy. The backpack is also easy to carry as the ThermoMold suspension system is integrated. The Badlands Superday Camouflage is made of polyester.

  • Size and Capacity

There are small and large hunting backpacks depending on user choice, but the smaller ones are preferable for people who do not intend going on extended large animal hunts.

The Alps Outdoor Commander Z are hunting backpacks with a rifle holster on the side.

Bags from Badlands are preferred for carrying meat as they are odor resistant due to the material and can easily fit more gear. Tenzing 6000 Back Country Hunting and Hiking bags have a special compartment you can fit a tent.

  • Frame Design

The frame design is important as there are pack frames for elk hunting with space for rifle holders. The Eberlestock elk pack frame has an Intex-ii tubular aluminum frame, and is integrated to give a structure to the backpack.

Different backpacks have an external frame while others are internal. Both frames have advantages and disadvantages. But if you are going to use the pack as meat hauler, an external frame is suggested.

  • Weight

The best lightweight hunting packs are those from Badlands as they are manufactured to carry much for their size. Other designers also put weight into consideration, and the weight of the bag is important due to the distance you travel with it. You don’t want your back stressed too early.

The Badlands super day camouflage has molded foam to give comfort as it matches every contour of human form. It gives you additional support to transport heavier loads and meat. The exterior frame permits air to flow between your back and the backpack which lets your back stay dry. This also gives a sturdy structure and form of the product.

  • Durability

Durability matters a lot when acquiring a product. The emphasis and attention should be on the stitches, fabric, and zippers. With quality stitching, you can be assured the backpack would last longer.

In terms of durability, The Eberlestock bag will carry easily due to being well structured. The Intex frame of this backpack gives stability to users. The toughness of this product is also amazing, making an excellent performer as a meat hauler.

The Alps Outdoor Z commander is made of nylon ripstop fabric. The main feature of this fabric is it is water resistant and can protect important items.

In conclusion, when going out for elk hunting, many devices, equipment, and weapons are required. So, for you to get the best hunting experience, it is important you have the best elk hunting backpack. This will aid your trip as you will carry your equipment comfortably and enjoy the trip without facing many problems.  

6 Best Elk Hunting Pack Reviews

Finding the best elk hunting pack isn’t easy with dozens on the market and some being better for overnight trips while others are ideal for day-journeys. So, to make matters easier, we’ve come up with six top-selling products to help give you several options to choose from. We go over all the traits, specs, and pros and cons so you have a well-rounded opinion about each of the best elk hunting packs.

Material Size & Capacity Frame Design Weight Durability
ALPS OutdoorZ Commander + Pack Bag Nylon 5250 cu. in. & High-capacity Hold-open 7lbs 5oz. Ripstop fabric
ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse EPS Nylon 4500 cu. in. & 74L H-frame 6lbs 14oz. Built-in rain cover
Badlands 2200 Camouflage Hunting Pack Hypalon & Aramid 2250 cu. in. & 36.9L Internal 5lbs 15oz. Moisture-resistant
Eberlestock Mainframe Pack Nylon 41 x 16 x 13 inches F1 Intex II 2.5lbs Sturdy material
Tenzing 6000 Back Country Hunting and Hiking Pack Robic nylon 6013 cu. in. & expandable compartment Internal 7lbs 10oz. Ripstop fabric
Eberlestock Team Elk Pack Nylon 3100 cu. in. & 51L Intex II 6lbs 8oz. Aluminum frame

ALPS OutdoorZ Commander Pack Bag – Best Elk Hunting Backpack

The overall best pack for elk hunting is the ALPS OutdoorZ Commander Pack Bag. It features many pockets to stash your gear and accessories, and it has a spotting scope pocket. If you need a versatile product, you can detach this and use the frame to haul meat.

Here are some key features:

Key Features and Benefits

  • Material: Nylon
  • Size & Capacity: 5250 cu. in. & High-capacity
  • Frame Design: Hold-open
  • Weight: 7lbs 5oz.
  • Durability: Ripstop fabric

The nylon ripstop fabric is durable and can withstand several days of hunting. It holds a lot while being lightweight, and the bag easily detaches from the frame.


  • Ideal strap system on the frame
  • Good organization
  • Adjustability


  • Noise issue
  • Minimal water resistance
  • Can’t access water bottle easily

ALPS OutdoorZ Commander Pack Bag is the go-to versatile choice you can use the bag or just the frame to carry your meat all in a lightweight package.

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ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse EPS – Best Hunting Pack for Elk Hunt

ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse EPS features an expandable pack section, and it’s ideal when it comes to mountain hunting packs due to the padded shoulder harness that makes it more comfortable. There are wing pockets for gear and weapons as well as a drop-down pocket for your gun or bow.

Here are some key features:

Key Features and Benefits

  • Material: High-quality
  • Size & Capacity: 4500 cu. in. & 74L
  • Frame Design: H-frame
  • Weight: 6lbs 14oz.
  • Durability: Built-in rain cover

Made from long-lasting material that’s quiet, this features additional storage space on top of the main area provided. It includes a built-in rain cover for extra protection.


  • Good adjustment range
  • Padding
  • Sturdy


  • Zipper can catch
  • Poor chest strap
  • Needs wider shoulder straps

The ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse EPS makes good use of multiple pockets for storage, and it comes with a rain cover for protection.

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Badlands 2200 Camouflage Hunting Pack – Best Daypack for Elk Hunting

The Badlands 2200 Camouflage Hunting Pack is one of many quality large hunting backpacks. It’s made from durable materials and features good resistance to moisture from water to blood. There’s even a meat hauler built in, and with the camo pattern, it blends in well.

Here are some key features:

Key Features and Benefits

  • Material: Hypalon & Aramid
  • Size & Capacity: 2250 cu. in. & 36.9L
  • Frame Design: Internal
  • Weight: 5lbs 15oz.
  • Durability: Moisture-resistant

This is made using some of the strongest material. Weight is evenly distributed for ease of carrying. There’s good durability as it’s waterproof and resistant to mold and mildew.


  • Quality camo design
  • Meat shelf
  • Good weight distribution


  • Lacks organization
  • Too big/tall for some people
  • Could do with more main compartments

Badlands 2200 Camouflage Hunting Pack is versatile, waterproof, and handles weight well.

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Eberlestock Mainframe Pack – Best Eberlestock Pack for Elk Hunting

If you’re in need of the best frame pack for elk hunting, look to the Eberlestock Mainframe Pack. It comes in multiple color designs, including a few camo patterns for better blending in. The waterproof material is great for longevity.

Here are some key features:

Key Features and Benefits

  • Material: Nylon
  • Size & Capacity: N/A
  • Frame Design: F1 Intex II
  • Weight: 2.5lbs
  • Durability: Sturdy material

This is made from resilient nylon material and it features an overall lightweight frame.


  • Good range of motion
  • Stays on the shoulders well
  • Great versatility


  • Questionable durability
  • Low-quality zipper system
  • Could do with additional straps

Eberlestock Mainframe Pack features quality compression straps and adjustability features, and it even has water-resistant construction.

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Tenzing 6000 Back Country Hunting Pack – Best Elk Pack

The Tenzing 6000 Back Country Hunting Pack is among the best backcountry hunting packs due to its rigid build and easy-to-use design. Its storage can expand depending on your circumstances, and it doesn’t weigh much so you can hunt longer without fatigue. This hunting hiking backpack even has padded hip support for more comfort, and it has a fold-out rain cover for protection.

Here are some key features:

Key Features and Benefits

  • Material: Robic nylon
  • Size & Capacity: 6013 cu. in. & expandable compartment
  • Frame Design: Internal
  • Weight: 7lbs 10oz.
  • Durability: Ripstop fabric

The Robic nylon is a ripstop fabric that holds against the hardest of strains, and it features a great amount of room with 20 compartments alongside an expandable meat compartment.


  • Integral rain cover
  • Numerous compartments
  • Good durability


  • No torso adjustments
  • May not be long enough for some
  • Low-quality zipper

Tenzing 6000 Back Country Hunting Pack features more than enough room for storing gear and a large trophy without weighing you down.

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Eberlestock Team Elk Pack – Best Eberlestock Pack

Eberlestock Team Elk Pack is one of many hunting backpacks with a rifle holder built-in. It has two access points, front-loading and top-loading, so you can grab your gear from various angles. Also, as an ideal hunting rifle backpack, the dual full-depth spotting scope and hydration pockets are designed to run top-to-bottom on either side.

Here are some key features:

Key Features and Benefits

  • Material: Nylon
  • Size & Capacity: 3100 cu. in. & 51L
  • Frame Design: Intex II
  • Weight: 6lbs 8oz.
  • Durability: Aluminum frame

This features a sturdy Intex II aluminum frame while maintaining a lightweight quality to offer both comfort and stability.


  • Comfortable
  • Sturdy frame
  • Easy to organize


  • Not good for those with longer torsos
  • Spotting scope pocket could be larger
  • Needs better load lifters

Eberlestock Team Elk Pack features great room for both hauling meat and holding your gear and weapon, and it’s sturdy and comfortable.

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A couple of answers to the questions you might have left about best elk hunting pack

So, you still have some things on your mind concerning elk hunting packs. You’re in luck as we’ve come up with three common questions and answers to these questions that people usually have about the topic at hand. By the end, you should have greater knowledge about these backpacks and how to choose one to suit your purposes.

How to pack out an elk?

Whether you’re in the market for large hunting backpacks or small hunting backpacks, size means little if you can’t properly pack out an elk in the first place. Before you get anywhere, be sure to bring game bags on your hunt, at least four of them to cover each quarter.

Keep your meat protected varying on the weather you’re hunting in. Make sure your extra gear is out of the way either tucked on the sides or at the bottom. It helps to keep it on the bottom to ensure your meat isn’t left weighing down the pack. Check out this video for a hands-on approach to packing.

What should I put in my hunting bag?

Hunting backpacks aren’t just used for a game. When considering what to bring with you other than weapons and ammo, think about the type of hiking equipment you would bring if you were simply wandering or camping outdoors. Apparel is important, first and foremost, as you need extra in case anything happens.

If you’re planning on spending hours hunting or if you anticipate an overnight trip, pack up a sleeping bag as well. In this event, you would do better with a larger pack with far more compartments.

Does body size matter when choosing a backpack?

It may seem obvious, but for an elk backpack, size definitely matters. Both large sizes and smaller sizes can benefit you on your journey. However, choose one that has enough room and compartments for both the gear you plan on bringing and the meat you plan on packing up.

For instance, if it’s more than one of you out hunting, you can split the meat, requiring a smaller backpack. If you’re alone and know you’ll have something rather big, invest in a large backpack that’s still easy enough to carry.

The Best Pack for Elk Hunting – Summing Up

Our recommendation for the best elk hunting pack is the ALPS OutdoorZ Commander Pack Bag. The pack is spacious and has several pockets, and the frame can be used separately for meat hauling. It’s lightweight as to not weigh you down after spending days outdoors.

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