Privacy Policy

General safeguards the privacy of the visitors to the site and is committed to the same. A privacy policy has been put in place to help protect personal information that is collected from subscribers as well as data that is collected regarding specific details of online visitors. Transparency is maintained with regard to transfer and use or storage of such information and disclosure practices are also set accordingly.

The policies set are in accordance with European Union General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR. Visitors to the site who are residents of European Union or European Economic Area can know the choices and rights that they have with regard to their personal data (also referred to as personally identifiable information) that is obtained about each visitor. Read this policy carefully since it is deemed that, using the website, per existing legal norms, a user consents to the policy as well as certain data processing permissions are provided. It is also recognized that many website visitors are under the age of majority and efforts are put in place to ensure content here is suitable and appropriate for all visitors. Measures are taken to safeguard the privacy of minors when they browse our website.

Updates on changes

Practices in information collection undergo changes as per industry norm updates. Users are asked to review the policy since it also pertains to personal data about them.

Information collection

Personal information about site visitors is usually not collected, but it is done per following circumstances:

  • Automated data collection

Upon accessing our site, our web server collects non-personal information. This pertains to the internet protocol address or the internet service you use, string data of the user agent (browser version and type and extensions), the operating system you use, language preferences you set, HTTP and the website referrer accessed or requested from the site and data from cookies. The data collected is not user-specific and does not determine user identity. If log data needs to be associated with personal data, we will seek consent from the specific user before his or her personal data can be processed. Data collection methods used by our website include page tags, cookies, and web beacons. You can read the further information below to understand what cookies stand for, how they are used, and how a user can control the same.

  • The information you provide us

Information for personal identification is not provided automatically. Those who choose to open a shopping account or register with clubs, participate in a competition event showcased on our site, contact us regarding any inquiry or suggestion, feedback, suggestions or any content that is submitted, leads to information that helps us identify you personally. The information comprises of the full name, email address, telephone number, gender, age, address, and other personal information such as preferences and hobbies.

  • How we use the information

When you register to create a subscriber or shopping account, we collect information that helps us identify you. We use this information to help you manage your account as well as provide information about products and services relevant to your needs.

  • Sharing information with third parties

Data collected about our customers is maintained in a confidential manner by us which is not rented or sold. Information of our visitors is not disclosed, disseminated, or transferred to any third party without gaining consent from adult visitors or parental consent in case of minors.

  • Legal guidelines that govern the use of information that is personally identifiable

There are laws as per EU data protection guidelines and these set the following norms:

  • The requirement of your consent

We invite you to opt for receiving our newsletters, offers, product news, or direct marketing initiatives. We wait for your consent and process the data as per the specific purpose for which you provide consent.

  • Contract terms

There are terms and conditions that govern our website which create a legal agreement between us and those who view our website and use products and services through our site. The services or products listed on our site are bound by the legal agreement and the terms between you and us. Personal data is processed as necessary for fulfilling contractual obligations that we bear to you. Personal data that is collected is only per fulfillment of contract terms.

  • Protection of vital interests

Often personal data is processed to ensure protection from the harm of our visitors.

  • Legal compliance

Personal data is processed as necessary for compliance for any legal obligations that exist in terms of accounting or taxation

  • Legal interest

there exist certain business interests that are legitimate for which we might process data for investment purposes, third-party legal terms or those that pertain to mergers and acquisitions in which case contract terms dictate such action. It usually does not involve personal data or direct marketing but simply involves the transfer and share of data to suppliers without impacting the privacy of our subscribers.

Tracking technology

Cookies are used which are harmless, small text files that help track devices of visitors or subscribers. There are three kinds of cookies used which are detailed in the following points.

Session cookies

These are cookies that remain active when one is browsing and disappear when a site is exited. Session cookies are used for remembering user actions on sites and help to make suggestions for products or items to be placed in a shopping cart.

Persistent cookies

These cookies stay on a user’s device for a longer period of time which helps to remember the preferences of visitors and users and helps us suggest relevant content to you.

Third party cookies

Third party services are used to set cookies on devices when you visit our website. There are affiliate ad services such as Amazon that participates in and such cookies are used to track affiliate links on websites. The Dynamic Advertising Reporting and Targeting cookie of Google are also used which helps to deliver relevant ads to users, but this uses only general IP and device related information.

Other site linkages

Links to other sites are included in the website such as hunting equipment suppliers, clothing, footwear, and other supply providers. Links, as well as content, is also provided for informational purposes. Our visitors agree to the sole risk of gaining access to these sites due to the links found on our site.

Data retention only retains personal information as necessary to provide certain services to customers, to perform contractual obligations as per the terms and conditions mentioned on our site and as per EU GDPR compliance.

Your rights

For EU/EEA residents there are certain rights given such as consent to use of personal data, right to access as well as to gain a copy of the data that is held by the website about you.

Children’s policy

As per the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, personally identifiable information of children below the age of 13 years is not collected by the website without parental consent in writing.

Commitment to the security of data

The organization has adopted certain technical measures to ensure that personal data that is collected is kept secure and integrated. The data is protected from unlawful and accidental destruction, unauthorized access or disclosure of personal information and so forth.

For any questions concerning this Privacy Policy, please send us an email at [email protected]